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How far will these eco-villages situated ?

Depending on the price of land and availability these eco-villages will be situated at the outskirts of the city ranging from 30 to 60 km.

What is an eco-village ?

Our eco-village is a community farm house where we adopt eco-friendly methods of living.

Is there land available near the cities ?


Is the pricing affordable to the customers ?

The cost of owning a plot at an eco-village is designed in such a way that it is affordable for the middle-class.

Why should anybody choose to buy a plot at eco-village ?

Nature lovers will surely love to live in eco-villages. It can also serve as a second home or a retirement home. More over it is a good investment choice both money-wise and health-wise. Most importantly for availability of organic food including vegetables, fruits, cereals and milk.

Who will manage the activities ?

The association of the members of the eco-village will supervise the activities. The job can be outsourced to us as we provide such services.

Who is the promoter ?

The members themselves will the promoter. We act as consultant. Therefore members save a lot.

What is the total cost ?

Cost mainly includes the cost of land, land development and construction. All be charged on actual.

Who can be a member ?

Anybody willing to be a member and ready to pay the required amount can become a member. Minimum 30 members should come from a single locality.

Which areas are targeted for membership ?

Families from any parts of Bharat can become a member and create his / her eco-village but the only condition is he / she has to bring at least 30 families from his / her locality.

Why do you insist on 30 members from a single locality ?

Because in the initial years the organic produce like vegetables, fruits, milk, of your eco-village will be delivered at your locality. Only if all the members of that eco-village stay nearby, they can get the produce delivered to their door-step.

Why should a member take initiative to bring 30 members from his locality ?

Every member will be given a monetary benefit if he / she introduces a new member to the eco-village for his locality.

Is it possible to generate sufficient electricity through solar power ?


What is Rainwater Harvesting ?

Collecting rainwater for future use and consumption is called Rainwater Harvesting. There are various methods of doing it.

Does bio-gas work ?


How much land is required for an eco-village ?

Nearly 8 to 9 acres

How much food can be made available ?

Sufficient for a family of four.

If we grow our own food then the farmers will get unemployed ?

There are various other cash crops which the farmers can grow and get more profit from them.

Why do you need cows ?

Eco-village is incomplete without cows.

Why Yagyashala ?

Because of its multiple and multidimensional benefits.

Cow dung will create problem for the resident ?

Once the cow-dung is put into the biogas digesters there is no smell outside.

What happens when the number of cows increases ?

There is big demand for milking cows both in India and abroad. Moreover the breeding will be done in a controlled system so as to keep the numbers within limit.

How an eco-village is different from a plotting scheme or a bungalow project ?

Plotting scheme or a bungalow projects does not provide organic food and milk.

Is there any special permission required for an eco-village ?


Is there any subsidy on eco-village ?

Yes, on biogas, solar etc.

If it is so beneficial then why the Govt is not taking any initiative ?

Govt is busy with many more things.

Why waste management ?

Why not? It is for our benefit.

What is the need for eco-village ?

It is an all – in – one solution for problems like pesticides, cow-slaughter, pollution, shortage of pure milk and other problems. These problems are discussed at length in the books written by Dr. Sahadeva Dasa. You can buy these books online on

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