The air we breathe is full of toxic poisonous gases. It is killing us day by day. And the menace is on the rise. On the world environment day that is on 5th of june every year, the newspapers are filled with statistics concerning our environment, of which air is a major part. Environmentalists say that our cities are not worth living because of the high amount of pollution in the air. People are having breathing ailments. We are living in a jungle of concrete. I would say we are not living instead we are dying in this jungle of concrete. On the 5th of the last month i.e. Dec, all the schools in Shanghai in china had to be closed only because of bad quality of air as a result of pollution. Conclusion is we do not have the pure air to breathe. You must have heard that people spend 250/- for 20 mins in an oxygen parlor.
Solution - Green environment

Several test reports say that the water we drink contains harmful chemicals like arsenic and chemical residues which are killing hundreds of people in our country every year. Drinking-water has become an expensive commodity because we have contaminated most of the sources of our pure drinking water. The pollution level in most of the rivers is all time high and the water is not fit for human consumption. Center for science and environment had even claimed that the packaged drinking water is also not safe. Several poisonous pesticide residues have been detected in these bottles. So we don’t have pure water to drink.

The ground water level is going down by 1 to 2 meters every year. Water crisis is next global problem. It is said that if 3rd world war takes place, it will be for water. There is no clear roadmap to find a solution to this problem thereby leaving everything to chance. Water has become the next big commodity and it is said that only the rich will have access to drinking water. The price of water is increasing by 20% every year. Therefore drinking water is not freely available.
Solution – Rainwater Harvesting

Food (vegetarian food only), which includes cereals, vegetable, fruits & milk. There are endless proofs and reports which say that our food, the food which we consume contains poison to the extent of 42 times more than the permissible limit prescribed by the WHO. It has been found that these pesticide residues on food are responsible for diseases like cancer, heart problems, kidney failure, infertility, nervous breakdown and many more fatal diseases. The govt of Bhaarat cannot dare to completely ban these pesticides. There is little or no alternative in the market where you can get pesticide free food. If any, they are expensive and beyond the reach of common man. Govt stats say that more than 2 lac people die every year because of consuming pesticide infected food. In 2001 nearly 30000 farmers died while using pesticides on their farm. The numbers are increasing. Cancer is on the rise and it has become the next epidemic and these chemical fertilizers and pesticides are mainly responsible for it. Pesticides are not the only culprits. There are preservatives also. Several chemicals like carbide and other chemical colors and many poisonous preservatives are used to make food look fresh and last longer. These chemicals are equally fatal. Many times even banned chemicals are used on our food.This is not all about the food we eat. There is another side of it. It is called Genetically Modified “GM” food. Most of the vegetables, fruits and cereals we eat are grown through GM seeds and the researchers say that GM food is more dangerous than pesticides. Many countries are against GM seeds but the companies which produce GM seeds are very powerful. By hook or crook they enter into the third world countries like ours and very soon they replace the local seeds. GM seeds are not only harmful for our health but also dangerous for our food security. Because The farmers cannot reuse the seeds produced from a GM seed.

Then we also need milk as part of our food. As per the report published by Ms Menaka Gandhi, nearly 90% milk available in the market is adulterated with toxic chemicals. The report says that the adulteration is to the extent of 80%. That means pure milk is 20% and rest is adulteration. Materials like paint, urea, detergent, animal fats go into the making of artificial milk, which we consume. Use of oxytocin injection for extraction of milk is a common scenario, which is very harmful for cows and as well as for humans. We are facing the consequences. We are helpless. We do not have an alternative or choice. That is not all. Then we have A1 and A2 milk. A1 milk is responsible for type 1 diabetes, heart disease, autism and schizophrenia. That is why A1 milk is banned for kids in countries like USA. A1 Milk comes from foreign breeds like Holstien and Austrlian, popularly known as jersey. A2 milk comes from Bhaaratiya breeds. They are not only safe but the best food on earth for human consumption. Bhaaratiya Cow Milk is known as Amrit.
Solution – Organic Farming and Dairy Farming

Power / Electricity
24 hours electricity for all is a far away dream for our country. Delhi's election campaign hovered around electric bills.
Solution – Solar Power

Fuel – Petrol / Gas
Petrol and LPG is another necessity of present day life. We cannot move a step without these two. Not only Bhaarat but the whole world moves around with these two. We are completely dependent on them. Whatever the price may be, we will have to buy it. And that is why the price is increasing almost every month.
Solution - Bio-gas

Having an owned house in any city in Bhaarat is out of the reach of common man. Even if one manages to buy a flat, these modern flats are like match boxes piled on each other, where air and sunlight find it difficult to enter. Air and sunlight is necessary for good health.
Solution - Bungalows

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